What Is Karate

Karate's many varieties of strikes, blocks and kicking techniques are continually evolving and examples of these techniques can be found in "Things You Need To Know". A particular emphasis is placed on kicking techniques. Dynamic kicks remain an integral part of the art and are frequently the highlight of exhibitions designed to showcase the art.

Benefits Of Karate

Am I too old to start Karate?

You are never too old to start! Karate is an excellent life-time sport which can be adapted to changing needs and abilities. Women of all ages are learning and enjoying karate.

Do you have a ranking system?  

We maintain the colored belt ranking system of Karate. The ranking system gives you a structure to measure your progress.

How often should I train?

Ideally, students train three or more times a week. Twice a week is a bare minimum. You can train  as often as you like

What should I wear to class?

Most students wear a traditional Karate uniform. As a beginner, wear clothing that is loose and comfortable. We train in bare feet, so special footwear is not needed.

Do you participate in tournaments?

The MARTIAL ART ACADEMY OF INDIA has participated in  tournaments since 1990. We now also compete in national and international events. Any student who wishes to challenge herself and gain competition experience is welcome to enter on behalf of the school. No one is required to compete in tournaments, unless her goal is training to black belt.

What is your school's philosophy?

The MARTIAL ART ACADEMY OF INDIA is willing to work with any BODY in Karate training. With diligence and perseverance, any body can do karate, and do it well. All students are treated with respect and given individual attention, regardless of initial aptitude and condition.

What if I'm interested in the spiritual aspects of martial arts?

Many of our students credit their karate training with helping them in diverse areas of life, including spiritual development. Through training in karate, you cultivate self-discipline, patience and endurance; concentration, determination and persistence. These are all invaluable for spiritual growth. We do not espouse or advocate any specific spiritual path.

How can I start?  

SHOW UP!!! Consult to the chief instructor of the academy on telephone or e-mail