Master RAJNISH has been involved in martial arts for over 32 years and has been an instructor for 20 years. He persists in his search for knowledge by never passing up an opportunity to train with his wide array of instructors and peers within South Delhi and Delhi.

The Chief Instructor,  Master Rajnish started Karate Shotokan in 1978.  he attained black belt standard in 1990, thanks to Shihan R. Murugan the First Indian Open International Kick Boxing Champion who taught and shaped him.  With 27 years of experience, he has a wealth of knowledge to pass on to all who train with him. Full-contact sparring was an important part of the syllabus, which captured Master Rajnish's interests - hence his desire to take up Kickboxing and other martial arts consequently form Martial Art Academy of India. He believes that people can benefit greatly in the areas of self-confidence, physical conditioning, and personal growth by taking martial arts and absolutely loves passing on his knowledge.

He is among the  few INDIANS who has represented India in the "world championship" in 1998 in Birmingham U.K. and was the only inductee martial artist for the HALL OF  FAME as a "DEDICATED MARTIAL ARTIST" from INDIA in JAN 2003. He has been awarded "PRESIDENTIAL SPORTS AWARD" for KARATE & TAEKWONDO & a DOCTORATE DEGREE in MARTIAL ARTS from the University of CHICAGO. Many of his own students have received recognition for their accomplishments in International championships.

Master RAJNISH  provide training to Spl. Forces in India.( N.S.G Black Cat Commandos, Spl. Action Group, Anti Terrorist Squad, Anti Hijacking Group, Spl. Ranger Group)

A professional martial arts instructor, Master RAJNISH provides only personal training at his client places at their convenience. Master RAJNISH is member & have affiliations of many  International organizations. Master RAJNISH is known as both an incredible martial artist and humanitarian.